Subramanian Swamy asks 10 crore Indians to be ready to be killed, faces condemnation on social media


The BJP Rajya Sabha MP, Subramanian Swamy on Friday made a sensational statement asking 10 crore Indians to be prepared to be killed by possible nuclear attack by Pakistan in the event there was a war between India and its neighbouring country.

Speaking at ABP News’ flagship programme, Swamy urged the Indian government not to give undue importance to Pakistan’s nuclear might and launch an attacks to avenge the killings of 18 Indian soldiers in Uri.

Swamy said, “In the event of a nuclear war, Pakistani nuclear bombs can kill not more than 10 crore people. We will still be left with 110 crore population. But our nuclear bombs can wipe off Pakistan altogether.”

When reminded if he was asking 10 crore Indians to be prepared to be killed, Swamy said, “I think the chance of a nuclear war is very low. But should it happen, 10 crore people should be prepared to be killed. Our soldiers die while protecting the border. Indian is the only country where officers to the rank of captains and brigadiers put themselves at the frontline. If they can die for the country, why can’t us.”

His statement has evoked angry reactions from social media users with most mocking his appeal for a war and large-scale death and destruction.

Here are some examples:

Abhideep Singh: 814M people were eligible to vote in 2014. The voter turnout was 66.38% and 31% voted for the BJP. That’s 171M people.

As long as the 10 Crore Indians comes from that lot, I am completely fine with it. #PsychoSubbu

Jahangir HaiĐer: yes there are many organisations like Chaddi gang, Gau Rakshak samaj, VHP jawans…who use to show there humanity with only dalits and now with there Danda they will cross Pakistan and defeat them and have tea in Lahore

Chetan Shah: Bjp se aur umeed bhi kya kar sakte ……sahi kaha tha kuch buddhijiviyo ne 2014 main ki agar modi pm banta hai toh yeh desh ke liye bahut bura hoga…..baat ab sahi saabit hoti dikh rahi hai

NonalBarla Guttu Ranjith Shetty: Instead of ten crore Indians to be sacrificed for His and Modi’s satisfaction, India should tie nuclear weapon to his neck and feet and drop him in Pakistan. He is inspirational and he should lead suicide mission with Bhakts in Pakistan to save innocent civilians.

Hisham Osmani: Sabse pehle sare so called Desh bhakt Sanghies, Gourakshaks aur BJP wale taiyaar ho jai… Modi sarkar ke sare MP wa ministers ready ho jai.

Prem Dsouza: This man is gone mental. Take him to a mental doctor to check him up properly. He doesn’t know what he is talking. It’s because of their foreign policy this all is happening. War is easy but there will be casualties on both sides.

Rajeev Yadav: Swamy is self proclaimed nationalist, let him fight the war with Pakistan, send him to Kashmir border

Atul Aggarwal: Hahha, wat the f***, he has taken decision for 10cr Indians to be killed, wow

Mahran S Ali: Lock this fellow at Kala Pani for good. I want to see which politician, Chaddi and gau rakshaks are willing to sacrifice and be on that list