Social media a tool in radicalisation of youth: Bassi


Social media was an “important tool” being used by terrorist organisations to radicalise youths across India and offshore residents, police chief of India’s three metropolitan cities warned on Saturday.

“The danger of radicalisation or indoctrination now has a new aspect. The medium to expand it has been changed speedily due to the intervention of social media and electronic medium,” Mumbai Commissioner of Police Ahmed Javed said at the Aaj Tak agenda conclave in New Delhi.

He said that there two kinds of thoughts in youngsters – those who are fairly impressive and those who are perceived.

“A lot of youngsters based on reality but most of them on perception. Four youngsters of our land went to the Middle East recently to join IS (Islamic State).

“We tried to find out (why) and knew that social media is one of the most important tools to radicalise them,” Javed said.

Bengaluru Police Commissioner N.S. Megharikh also asserted that social media is really working as an alarming tool for the indoctrination of youngsters as they are more in touch with his medium.

“…Bengaluru is a very technical city. The role of social media in the indoctrination of youths is different from the traditional medium. Local issues are used through social media for the radicalization of people,” he said.

Delhi Police Commissioner B.S. Bassi said that terrorism was not a new danger for India.

“The things and medium have been changed. In the past telephonic conversation and letters were used to indoctrinate youths. Now Facebook and WhatsApp are being used as a tool for his purpose,” he said at the conclave.