Kejriwal, Ravi Shankar Prasad in Twitter spat on alleged payment of bribe to PM Modi


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and Union Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad, on Sunday locked horns on Twitter over alleged payments of crores of rupees as bribe to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Prasad, who holds Information Technology portfolio in Modi’s cabinet, had slammed Kejriwal Twitter for his allegations against the prime minister.

In a series of tweets posted on Saturday night, Prasad said, “After the demonetization move, we were sure that some political parties with hoards of unaccounted money would be badly hurt. But the anguish shown by AAP against demonetization shows that it has been hurt the most and the reason is no surprise!”

Prasad added, “This may help Arvind Kejriwal- Neil Armstrong was also sent by Modi Ji to the moon to perhaps to hide black money of the industrialists! Mangalyaan may be used to hide black money of the corrupt on Mars. We hope Kejriwal Ji soon personally inspects Mars and uncovers the scam.

“We have been great fans of detective abilities of Kejriwal Ji. We also urge him to soon start his version of ‘CID’ on TV. We are still in awe of how Kejriwal Ji presented 370 pages of proof against Sheila Diskhit Ji. We also remember how accurately Kejriwal Ji unraveled a big scam of how Modi ji was going to raise price of gas to $16.We r also fans of mathematical abilities of Kejriwal Ji. How accurately he predicted that a one way ticket of bullet train will cost Rs75000.” (sic)

In his following tweets, Prasad called Kejriwal ‘Chief Rumour Monger’ of Delhi.

He said, “It is sad to see the evolution of Kejriwal Ji from the Chief Minister of Delhi to Chief Rumour Monger of Delhi! Nothing different was expected from Arvind Kejriwal. The person who can question the army for proof of the surgical strikes,can do anything. Allegations of Kejriwal Ji,like all his previous allegations r a pack of shameless lies,which we don’t find the need 2 dignify with n answer.” (sic)

This prompted Kejriwal, who had made sensational revelation in Delhi assembly last week about alleged payments of crores of rupees to Modi during his time as Gujarat chief minister, to post ‘evidence’ on Twitter to substantiate his allegations.

Addressing Prasad, the Delhi chief minister’s tweet said, ” @rsprasad sir, Sahara and Birla diaries talk about making payment to Modi ji. Did the money really come? Did any agency probe this?”

Kejriwal had last week had revealed how Aditya Birla Group had allegedly paid Rs 25 crore to Modi.

Later IT documents accessed by Janta Ka Reporter had revealed that even Sahara diary, seized by the Income Tax authorities had several entries stating payments made to ‘Modi ji’ and ‘CM Gujarat’ totallying Rs 40.1 crore.

Among other recipients were Madhya Pradesh CM, Shaina NC and the chief ministers of Chhattisgarh and Delhi.

Supreme Court lawyer, Prashant Bhushan, had alleged a direct link of the latest revelation against Modi with the prime minister announcing demonetisation, primarily to divert potential media attention.

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