CBI arrest Manish Sisodia’s aide in Delhi liquor scam case; AAP leaders accuse BJP of trying to crush Kejriwal-led party


The CBI has arrested a close aide of AAP leader Manish Sisodia in the much-talked-about Delhi liquor scam case. The arrest of Vijay Nair has evoked angry reactions from AAP leaders, who accused the BJP of attempting to crush the Arvind Kejriwal-led party.
Manish Sisodia

Nair, the head of AAP communications, was abroad for some time and was called for questioning by the CBI in the liquor scam case on Tuesday. He was arrested after the questioning for his role in ‘cartelisation’ and ‘conspiracy’ in the allocation of liquor licences.

Several AAP leaders including Rajya Sabha MP took to social media to attack the BJP, accusing the party to trying to destroy the party.

The AAP said in a statement, “Vijay Nair is communication in-charge of AAP. He was responsible for developing and implementing communication strategies in Punjab earlier and Gujarat now.”


It said that Nair had ‘nothing to do with excise policy.’ “Strangely, he has been arrested by CBI just now in the excise case,” the statement said.


The AAP alleged that Nair’s arrest was a ‘part of ongoing BJP’s attempt to crush AAP and obstruct AAP’s Gujarat campaign.’ The party said that the 38-year-old aide of Manish Sisodia was arrested after he allegedly refused to take the name of Delhi deputy chief minister in the liquor scam case.

Nair’s arrest comes amidst Kejriwal trying to woo voters in Gujarat, the home state of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah ahead of this year’s assembly elections.