Kejriwal writes to Delhi Police, wants India Today staff booked for hurting religious sentiments


Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, on Friday complained against the India Today magazine for what he said was an unauthorised publication of his photoshopped image.

Writing to the Delhi Police commissioner, Alok Kumar, the Delhi CM said,” It’s been brought to my attention that India Today magazine carried a photoshopped image of mine on its cover page. That said image was photoshopped using a computer without my knowledge.”

He went on to add that a group of people from Punjab had come to meet him. During the meeting, according to Kejriwal, they complained that the photo carried by India Today had hurt the religious sentiments of Sikh community.

He urged Kumar to file criminal cases against people associated with the India Today magazine for hurting religious sentiments of the people.

He wrote, “I’m, therefore, writing to complain that people associated with this magazine should be booked under relevant sections of Indian Penal Code for hurting religious sentiments of people.”

Kejriwal said that he suspected that his political rivals, Akali Dal and Congress, were in collusion with India Today in ‘this conspiracy.’

“This conspiracy must be exposed and the Delhi Police must take up this this matter seriously,” Kejriwal added.

India Today in its latest Hindi edition had portrayed Kejriwal as sword wielding Nihang warrior with the headline, ‘Aap Ki Lalkaar (Aap roars)”

Punjab is scheduled to go for crucial elections next year and AAP is claiming it is certain to form its first government outside Delhi.

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