“Yes we take in Christian girls … we know all that … but we will show how the system works”


So, are you running the Ghar Wapasi programme? “Haan wo chala rahe hain (Yes, we are running that),” says Ramanikbhai. You have to bring all Muslims and Christians back to Hindu fold? Ramanikbhai reaffirms what he has already revealed: “Haan hum wahi kaam kar rahe hain (Yes this is what we are doing).”

Prodding him further, Cobrapost reporter asks him how he should go about getting Muslim and Christian kids, especially girls, back to Hindu fold. Ramnikbhhai begins to tell us in detail: “Kaise shuru karna hai wo aapko wo jab hum ayenge na toh aapko kahan se shuru karna hai aur kya kya documents chahiye ki kaise karna hai wo sab (When he comes he will tell you how you have to do all that and what kind of documents you not to prepare).”

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But our area is dominated by Muslims, and the Christians you know are educated, and they can create trouble? Brushing our fears aside, Ramanikbhhai reassures us: “Yes we take in Christian girls … we know all that … but we will show how the system works. Ghanshyam is a powerful man. He will employ the system for you and he can do things beyond our imagination and nobody can touch you.”

Our reporter tells him that we have many kids from Muzaffar Nagar who have been left orphan in the wake of Hindu–Muslim riots last year and we have to initiate them into Hinduism. Ramnikbhhai tells us: “Yes, we know that. We will associate you with a man in Delhi who will do everything for you in such a manner that if, like me, you are somewhere else, the work will go on. He will help you set up such a system which will work even when you are not there.”

Next, Ramanikbhai gives us an idea of the numbers he has converted or reconverted to Hinduism in the past two decades as an RSS worker. You must have reconverted at least a thousand kids to Hinduism this way? He laughs at our suggestions saying: “Arre yaar bahut … hazar kyon (Oh man, many more, why a thousand only).” How many? “Lagbhag fandrah–bees hazar (About 15000–20000).” These include both Christians and Muslims. He says with a sense of pride: “Muslims and Christians who were Hindus earlier … but who converted … you are right, we have picked many girls and raised and taught them to become Hindu … made them capable.”

These girls thus brainwashed into Hindu ideology join this mission upon attaining adulthood to create a domino effect. “These girls would go to their areas or villages and bring in another 15–20 girls to us telling them we are Hindus and you too are Hindus, so join us. This is how we make them capable.”

We get a sense of reach of the network of Hindu missionaries like Ramanikbhai which can be pressed into service right in the capital city of Delhi.

There might arise some communal trouble in our area while we are working in this mission? Before we could ask if his people will help us at such times, Ramanikbhai reassures us with confidence: “If trouble occurs in your area, we have our organization in Delhi. It will come to your rescue immediately. You know what happened that day in Delhi when I was there to receive those girls. All the people from our organization reached there. About 200 workers reached there [at the railway station] and asked me to breathe easy. They will take care of everything, they told me … I asked the railway authorities to get our tickets confirmed within 24 hours and it was done.”

CWC Chairperson Sushma Vij might not have deemed it to be in order to visit Patiala and see if the girls taken there were doing well, but it was in order for Cobrapost to visit Patiala and piece together all the threads of investigation.

However, locating the shelter home at 1723/5 in Ramnagar area of Patiala where the girls had been kept as per the information available to us proved to be no less daunting. For Cobrapost found locked the two-storey rented building housing the Mata Gujari Kanya Chatravas where the girls brought from Assam were supposed to have been kept. Peeping through the gates of the building, sign boards and other paraphernalia could be seen kept inside the building. It was obvious that the building had been vacated only recently and the caretakers had left the place almost without any trace.

Thanks to a postal worker who took us to this address and then to a neighbour who promptly gave us the phone number of its caretaker Laxmi. The woman neighbor also gave us some idea where we could locate the hostel. Fortunately, there was a meeting of the RSS leaders in the evening that day and taking us someone coming from Delhi they opened the doors for us. Laxmi is not present. Here we meet first Bina and then Jyotika who is a RSS prachalika of Patiala.

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