Woman and daughter-in-law arrested for running sex racket, next to degree college in Himachal Pradesh


Police Himachal Pradesh have busted a sex racket and arrested a woman along with her daughter-in-law in connection with the crime.

The cops have also arrested three girls from the house in Chamba in Sultanpur. According to cops, the woman and her daughter-in-law have been using their house to run the sex racket by luring customers from outside. Even the girls used in the sex trade were brought from outside. They have also recovered some objectionable material from the house.

Speaking to reporters, police officer Raman Sharma said, “We received a tip-off from secret sources that one Champa Devi and her daughter-in-law Rekha Devi have been running an illegal sex racket in Sultanpur. We registered an FIR and raided the house, from where we’ve found incriminating evidence in our search operation. We’ve arrested three girls and recovered condoms in huge quantity and alcohol.”

The local police said that they had the information about the racket at Champa Devi’s house but could not take action in the absence of tangible evidence. What’s even shocking is that the house used for running the sex racket is situated barely few meters away from a degree college in Chamba.

A cop had disguised himself as a potential customer and offered Rs 2,000 to the woman. Although Champa Devi had asked for more money but the deal was struck for Rs 2,000. After the cop paid the money to the woman, he was sent to a designated room with a girl. It was precisely this time when the local police force stationed outside the house raided the premises and arrested the culprits with incriminating evidence.





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