“Why run after netas for government jobs? Set up paan shops, milk cows”


Tripura chief minister Biplab Deb has once again made utterly controversial comments by asking unemployed youth to stop chasing politicians for jobs and instead opening paan shops for survival.

“Why run after netas for government jobs? Graduates should get cows and milk it to earn Rs 10 lakh in 10 years. Instead of running after political parties, had the same youth set up a paan shop, he would have had a bank balance of Rs 5 lakh by now,” Deb was quoted by ANI.

This is the latest in the series of Deb’s controversial comments since assuming office last month. He had first stunned the scientific community by claiming that internet and satellite existed even during the Mahabharat period, which is a legendary narrative of the Kurukṣetra War, believed to have been fought somewhere in 8th and 9th century BC. Biplab, which is a Bengali name, means revolution.

The young chief minister of Tripura, then found himself amidst another controversy by his equally crazy statement on Miss World Diana Hayden, who won the coveted beauty title in 1997. Questioning the rationale behind crowning Diana as the Miss World, Deb said that she wasn’t the face of Indian beauty, but Aishwarya Rai was.

Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi, early this year, had said that youth selling pakauda was a part of his government’s jobs creation scheme.

When asked about his 2013 promise of creating 1 crore jobs every year after becoming the prime minister, Modi had said, “Somebody please tell me if someone sells pakaude, fried Indian snack, and earns Rs 200 by the end of the day, will you not call it a job? Which register mentions that a man is earning Rs 200 every day? It’s a simple thing to understand that the banks have given loans to 10 crore people. Which means that these many people have earned their livelihood.”