Why Hanuman Sena was left red-faced while organising Pork Festival in Kerala


Hindu radical outfit, Hanuman Sena, recently organised a pork festival in Kerala’s Kozikhode with an intention to seek cheap publicity and create communal outrage amidst protests over beef ban in several states.

On 26 October, Hanuman Sena members held the ‘festival’ as their members sat patiently holding plates full of pork waiting for the passers by to come and oblige them by eating their specially prepared dish.

They waited and waited and no one turned up to eat pork leaving them incredibly red-faced. Worse, the members of their organisation refused to eat pork they had prepared as part of the festival.

Kerala, which has 24 percent Muslim population, has had several beef festivals in the recent weeks. Hanuman Sena’s decision to organise pork festival was in retaliation with those series of beef festivals.

Contrary to Sena’s expectations that members of Muslim community, which considers pork unclean, will protest en masse, not a single person came to express his/her outrage.

Perhaps, Hanuman Sena failed to realise that eating pork is not a part of the dietary habits of most Keralites regardless of their religious beliefs.

Kerala’s Bayside Journal reported, ” Beef and seafood are the primary sources of food for people in Kerala(all religious groups: Hindus, Muslims and Christians). All the beef festivals that have been taking place in Kerala have a lot of Hindus eating beef while pork hardly ever features in Kerala kitchens.”

The website concluded its report by taking a dig at the radical outfit, ”

“The next time the Hanuman Sena wants to have a festival it should consider organising a Duck Festival. Everyone likes to eat duck in Kerala. It would serve as a common meeting ground in Kozhikode where people from all communities could come and enjoy food and have a civilised discussion. To sum it all up: Hanuman Sena kills a lot of pigs, waits for Muslims to protest, throws away cooked meat because no one protests. Lot of pork gets wasted.”

Hanuman Sena, which considers itself the moral police of Kerala, had earned notoriety last year when they indulged in violence with the organisers of ‘Kiss of Love’ event in Kozikhode. They were also responsible for forcing a Muslim writer to stop Ramayana column.

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