11 points of AAP’s Delhi Education Amendment Bill you must know


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday congratulated deputy chief minister and education minister Manish Sisodia on announcing a slew of educational reforms through Delhi School Education Amendment Bill 2015 during the day.

“Congratulations Manish for presenting such huge systemic reforms in education. Proud of u,” tweeted Kejriwal.

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Announcing host of changes in education sector two days ago, Kejriwal had said that there would be criminal action against those schools found diverting the money earmarked for other purpose.

Stating that some schools have been observed to be misusing the fees they are charging, Kejriwal said: “They forge bills and siphon off the money. They divert the money.”

“We are not regulating the fee neither are we prescribing the fee. We are going to verify the accounts of all the schools every year,” he added.

Earlier on Friday, Sisodia announced the reforms through a series of tweets under hastag #AAPEducationRevolution.

The 11-point educational reforms that Sisodia announced are:

  • No capitation fee or donation can be demanded at the time of admissions. Children cannot be subject to any screening test or interview.
  • We will eliminate malafide profiteering for nursery student admissions in private schools.
  • Our children deserve an education free from bribes + gruelling stressful interviews.
  • Reforms will help government to take action against those private schools who are not following rules.
  • These reforms would help common man in admission process, the problem of arbitrary fee hike.
  • The AAP Government will ensure regulation and accountability of private school fees.
  • The Bill being presented by us will not fix the fees of private schools, it shall verify the accounts and fee structures of all private schools, to ensure that there are no financial irregularities.
  • All audited accounts and proposed fee structure of schools will be put out into the public domain.
  • The #AAPEducationRevolution will ensure that fee structures + audited accounts are published for citizens’ feedback!
  • Private schools engaging in no financial irregularity have nothing to worry about. We will not infringe on their autonomy. But any school engaging in financial irregularity shall be punished stringently.
  • Autonomy of honest private schools is paramount. Honesty rules when the Aam Aadmi governs.