When Hindu is here, you are taking mulla’s, UP cop’s vulgar communal rant for girl on inter-religion love affair


A video of Uttar Pradesh cops lashing out at a Hindu girl for her decision to love a Muslim boy while physically assaulting her inside a police van has gone viral on social media.

In the video, a cop is seen attacking the girl for not falling in love with a Hindu boy and instead choosing a Muslim to be in a relationship. He is seen using vulgar language for his rant. The unnamed man in uniform from Meerut Police is heard saying, “You like Mullah more? When Hindu is here, you are taking Mullah’s?” This statement was made with heavy sexual connotation.

No sooner did the police official finish his rant, another female constable launches physical attack on the girl by thrashing her in anger.


The video has evoked angry reactions from activists and commentators on social media, where people are condemning the dangerous communal side of the Uttar Pradesh. Supreme Court lawyer Prashant Bhushan wrote, “This is shocking! Yogi’s Police goons taunt & beat up a young girl in a police van merely because she was friendly with a Muslim boy! This is utter goonda Raj of the police in UP in the name of ‘Love jihad’! These policemen must be dismissed. Must be taken up in the Supreme Court.”

Activist Kavita Krishnan tweeted, “You like a Muslim more, cop asks as Hindu woman is slapped for having Muslim friend/boyfriend. What’s appalling in this story is that @Uppolice didn’t arrest VHP goons coz the woman’s friend didn’t want to file a case! (sic)”

Faced with widespread condemnation, the Uttar Pradesh announced that the concerned officials including the woman constable, who was seen thrashing the girl. The Meerut Police issued a video of its senior officer announcing the suspension.

The girl in the video is a medical student. The cops had taken a girl after VHP members accosted the interfaith couple at the Jagarati Vihar area of Meerut and created a ruckus demanding action, reported News18.

The Muslim man, also a medical student, was also attacked b y the VHP goons, who barged inside his house on Sunday. They later handed over the girl to cops, who detained her almost the entire day until her parents came to police station.

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