(EXCLUSIVE) Sneak peak into a WhatsApp group conversation of serving and ex-soldiers on Dadri and writers’ protest


This is a real conversation from a WhatsApp group consisting of serving and ex-soldiers of Indian armed forces. The conversation started with a soldier SS’ sarcastic post mocking the writers’ protest against religious intolerance in India.

His post opened the Pandora’s box and all hell broke loose with group members critical of Prime Minister Modi’s prolonged silence going jugular.

To make the conversation look organic and real, we’ve deliberately not edited any grammatical errors here. The identities of the individuals have been hidden for obvious reasons.

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My India…..My thoughts

A country that till 18 months ago, was blessed with perfect communal harmony, the country that enjoyed an absolute freedom of expression, the country that had not banned a single book, movie or play.

No one had heard of the word ‘caste’ in my India and the word ‘religion’ either. There was no hunger, nor there was poverty. All the farmers were billionaires so no one ever committed suicide. It was a wonderful country where people could eat as much beef they wanted, anywhere they wanted. There were no laws banning cow slaughter in any state. No one had heard of words like corruption, murders and rape.

Communal violence and riots were unheard of. The years 1947 and 1984 skipped India, therefore there were no such things as partition riots and anti-Sikh riots. The year 2002 however did happen in a terrible place called Gujarat, the single stain on the spotless secular fabric of India! Kashmiri Pandits lived in the valley in peace and harmony with their neighbours. The ethnic cleansing of the valley never happened. Serial bomb blasts and terrorist attacks were also terms that did not exist.

My Country’s so called Intelligent Writers who were comfortable up till now and was licking a Political party since 1947 suddenly wakeup and got Nirvana… To return the awards….as if Indians don’t know that your NGO who were funding your zola and business class tickets hv been dried up… Grass was greener before May 2014.

Indians did not know what unhappiness or poverty or suffering meant. If they wanted to experience it, they would go on a conducted tour to Sudan or Palestine!

Such was the paradise that was my India!

Unfortunately, the good run did not last.

16th May 2014, I still remember that dark day – the day Fascist Patriarchal Hindu Male Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister!

That was the day India saw poverty, communal violence, law and order issues, farmer suicides, caste discrimination, gender discrimination, murders, rape, tax avoidance, spitting on the roads, litter in the streets, road rage and every other social evil that you can think of, for the very first time!!

Thanks to this evil guy Modi, communal violence has crossed all limits. Every day millions of people are being massacred in India. At this rate, there will be no voters left to cast their vote in 2019!

Some eminent historians and liberal thinkers have compared this regime to the Taliban – that social organisation formed by terrorists with no religion. The Taliban however is so hurt with this comparison that it wants Arvind Kejriwal to hold a dharna on its behalf!

We enlightened citizens know that our PM Modi is PERSONALLY responsible for everything from our constipation to clogged toilets at a railway station. I am upset that Modi has NOT issued a statement yet on why there are paan stains on the staircase leading to my building. Everything that is wrong in this country is the PM’s fault. NO ONE else is to be blamed.

Oh my poor poor India! What have you done to deserve this? I need to find a suitable award to return to protest against this.

I hope this Modi resigns soon and we liberal intellectuals can return to the perfect Utopian paradise that was India under the great leadership of intellectual icon, Rahul Gandhi!

DG : ????????
SS‬: Dear friends I don’t endorse it. It’s for so called suedo secularists.

VT: There are and will always be fanatics and fascist around in India just as anywhere in the world. There was and will always be corruption and conflicts. But in a democratic nation the state dictating even food habits like the BAN on beef is intolerable.
This is no forward message is my personal opinion.

DG: Are baba…beef ban has been there in 22 states of the country for DONKEYS years .. nobody complained about it …All this drama now suddenly. There is no ban on buffaloes and India is a large exporter of buffalo meat .

VT‬: Kasht ban ka nahi double standard ka hai. Lo ab navratre me meat shop band krne ki baat chal rhi hai

VT: Kal Jain bhai log egg eaters ko kutai karenge kya

DG: There are so many animals to eat which are not banned …chickens , goat , sheep , fish , rabbit , Turkey, kada, pig’s, …I hear dog meat is readily available in North East .. army mein I hear they eat snake during survival training …buffallo and ox are anyway not banned …so that is available too . .
But what to do …Some people’s taste buds want the meat of indigenous Indian cow only …..sad !
Just saying !
Doesn’t bother me anyway …I turned fishitarian 4 years back and gave up all meat.

VT‬: Parso Maneka brigade doodh peene walon ki kutai karegi kya?

DG‬: BTW the ban on beef during the jain festival was in force even earlier.

VT‬: O rehne do bhai jis ko jo khana hai…aap mat khaao jo neta aap ko khilane ke chakkar me hai

DG‬: People never complained when the Congi govt in Kerala scrapped the midday meal in govt schools and made all kids starve …because kids of one community was keeping a 40 day fast.

VT: Reminds me of an incident where the French women got a British Army camp shifted by about mile because if they were nearby they could see them bathing nude…the frenchies were still not happy…..guess why????because they cud still watch them with binoculars….he he….arre bhai khane do jisko khana…aap food inspectorthodi na ban jate ho un 9 days k liye.

JJ: Question is not whether the ban existed before or not. The question is was someone lynched for allegedly eating beef before. Whether the members of ruling class condoned such despicable acts and the pm remained silent in the past. Nobody is asking PM to speak on every issue. But when his MPs and cabinet ministers are spewing venom why is he silent. And btw, that ban on mid-day meal story is crap. You can say it was allegedly Ramadan. So you know Ramadan has 30 days and not 40 as somebody has told you. Please check your facts. It was a propganda by Sanghis. Call me a pseudo secularist too.

JJ: Also, who are these thugs to tell me what I should eat inside my house. Ban is on slaughter not on consumption.

DG‬: But to consume …someone is slaughtering.

JJ: Then the law should take its course. These goons have no business to kill an innocent man. Go and punish those who break the law like the law would do to any other offenders.

DG‬: The law has to take its course, I agree.

JJ: First you kill an innocent man, then condone that cow eaters should be meted out such treatment and another BJP MP goes and offer guns to those murderers. And we have a problem in outrage against such ghastly act. Wah! Mera Bharat Mahan! Amazing that the same riot accused Sangeet Som was a director in India’s finest halal beef exporting company! Ssh! Let’s not talk about it. Bloody hypocrites!

DG: And knowing the law ….Lt will take its course ….like
Justice for 84 riots
Justice for J &k genocide
Justice for Godhra
Justice for 2002 Guj riots
Justice for Mumbai 93
Justice for mumbai 26/11
Justice for Mr Akhlaq
Justice for dead farmers
Justice for war heroes and pensioners ……
And so on and so forth ….

JJ: That’s the sad reality of our justice system but the alternative can’t be to kill an innocent man by a mob of 100 people even when he has done no wrong.

DG: That’s what if they are loosing the sense of right or wrong it becomes the moral responsibility of people like U n me to raise it in a forum where it can make a difference this is exactly the payback the society expects from ppl like U n me…

VT: The idea is to cleanse the country of muck like these idiots. For which ur time is required. Time sacrifice karega

AS‬: I agree with you. The State has no business to enter my home and tell me what to eat , drink and wear. For all you know,tomorrow there may be a ban on wearing western clothes for Indian women, or everyone may be forced to use cow urine. There is a limit to everything. Besides,two wrongs don’t make a right. And I’m NOT a pseudo secularist.

JJ: Instead of mocking our scholars outright, let’s ponder on what has gone wrong in our society. Why have we become so intolerant? Why are we so touchy about criticism against Modi government? Let’s think. Your riot my riot is a bad approach. Riots kill innocent people and they don’t discriminate against Hindus Muslims, Sikhs and so on. The ultimate beneficiaries are politicians.