“We’ve killed five”: Rajasthan BJP leader confesses to killing Muslims on camera


In a shocking development, a senior BJP leader in Rajasthan has confessed on camera to killing five Muslims in the state. Former MLA, Gyandeb Ahuja, said in Alwar that this was the first time a Hindu had been killed in the area.

Gyandev Ahuja

Ahuja said in a viral video, “This is the first time that they have killed. I have given a free hand to my supporters to kill Muslims. We’ve so far killed five (Muslims).”

Ahuja said that he had secured the bail for those responsible for killing Muslims in the area, adding that he will also ensure that they were acquitted in the case. “bari bhi karwayenge (I will also get them released).”

Ahuja made the shocking confession at a gathering to discuss the murder of one Chiranjilal Saini, who was killed on suspicion of cattle theft.

A news report by PTI said that 45-year-old Saini had gone to the fields to attend nature’s call in Rambas village under Govindgarh town on Sunday morning when he was beaten up by a group of about 20 people. He was rushed to a hospital in Jaipur but succumbed to his injuries.

Saini’s death had triggered communal tension in the area prompting BJP leaders to visit the family of the deceased. Ahuja, who made the shocking confession, had also visited the area to meet the family members of Saini.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is being urged to take immediate steps to act against Ahuja.