“We made many SOS calls but were told off by Delhi government”: Jaipur Golden Hospital tells Delhi High Court after 25 patients die due to oxygen shortage


Delhi’s Jaipur Golden Hospital, where 25 patients died due to oxygen shortages last week, on Monday told the Delhi High Court how the Kejriwal government had pushed them away when the hospital made SOS calls for oxygen.

Senior advocate Sachin Dutta, who was representing Jaipur Golden Hospital, told the Bench comprising Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli, “We made many SOS calls but were told off by the Delhi Govt. Please tell us, how many hours before deaths start happening should we call them then?”

The lawyer representing the hospital added, “I was supposed to get 3.6 MT at 5 pm, but I didn’t. The Delhi government’s bureaucratic department has completely failed, they don’t understand the supply chain and disrupt it. Let me deal with my supplier, let them not come in the way.”

This appeared to irk Rahul Mehra, the lawyer representing the Kejriwal government as he said, “Mr. Dutta is attempting to politicize everything and deliberately malignant us.” However, the court did not appear to agree with Mehra as it said, “Mr. Mehra, this is not adversarial.”

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta felt that Dutta’s aggression was understandable. “The Delhi government has to take initiative and hold virtual meetings with hospitals, the queues are long. I’m nobody to suggest but you take hospitals and suppliers on this call.”

The news of 25 patients losing their lives in a Delhi hospital had sent shockwaves across India. Kejriwal has spent hundreds of crores of taxpayers’ money to claim the so-called revolution in the health sector by his government. The current episode and the hospitals’ testimonies have exposed his claims.

One wonders if he would be honest enough to issue a public apology for wasting hundreds of crores of rupees on countless advertisements. Many believe that Kejriwal has turned out to be an utter disappointment given that he had joined politics to change the system. His track record shows that he’s outsmarted even many seasoned politicians in the misuse of public money for self-publicity, while hundreds continue to die in Delhi every day for the want of better healthcare.

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