Watch video: Will not let Muslim family live in Hindu area: UP BJP leader’s threat to police


A BJP Councillor in Moradabad has made an open threat to police that he would not let a Msulim family occupy their newly bought house because it happens to be in a Hindu neighbourhood.

Vidyasharan Sharma made this brazen comment to the local police knowing fully well that he was being filmed.

He said, “I will not tolerate a Muslim as my neighbour.”

(Here in a poster, Sharma also known as Bittu bhaiyya can be seen with the photos of top BJP leaders)

The original owner of the property, Shashi Sharma, told Janta Ka Reporter that despite her best efforts to sell the house, she had failed to get a single buyer over the last two year.

“This BJP Councillor doesn’t want me to sell my house to a Muslim. His intention is to occupy my house. He’s openly threatening to resort to violence against any Muslim, who would come to live here.

The new owner of this property, Shahana, said that she is happy to not live in this house because clearly no one wanted her to live there.

She wants the local BJP leader to buy the house from her so that she could find an alternative accommodation with that money.

She said, ” We don’t want any confrontation. If they don’t want us to live here, we will happily move out if Sharma can buy the property from us.”

Local police is sympathetic to Shahana and her son Fareed, but appear helpless in the current situation.

The BJP leader’s refusal to let Shahana and her family live in their own house has created a huge tension in the area. To avoid any potential communal flare-ups, the police has now sealed the house using their own locks.

Moradabad’s SSP, Love Kumar, told that police had already filed cased under various sections of the IPC for not allowing a Muslim to live in her own house.

Moradabad has nearly 50 % Muslim population. This Loksabha seat had elected a BJP MP during 2014 elections. The city’s both the assembly seats are currently represented by the ruling Samajwadi party MLAs.

Watch the BJP leader’s open threat.




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