WATCH- Heartwarming Ramadan video by Tata Motors #CelebratingGoodness will leave you teary-eyed


A heartwarming Ramadan video by Tata Motors celebrating goodness has gone viral on the internet just days before the Holy month of fasting starts. The video is bound to leave you teary-eyed.

Ramadan video

The song Qatra Qatra Neki, Jod Ke Aisi Nemat Bhar (Collect every ounce of your goodness to make it into a treasure of blessings) used in the video has become incredibly popular even among children across the world.

The video has children earning their pocket money through good deeds before collecting them to help someone in need. The video, which has now been viewed by nearly four million people within days of being launched, has a group of school children collecting their ‘hard-earned’ pocket money to give them to their school bus driver ‘Uncle Rahim,’ who appears to be an immigrant, working in a gulf country away from his family.

The concluding portion of the video is very emotional when ‘Uncle Rahim’ is presented with his surprise Ramadan gift by the group of school children, who he’s transported for months. One girl says, “You take us to our home everyday, This Ramadan this will take you to yours.”

Here’re the lyrics of the viral song:

Qatra Qatra Neki, Jod Ke Aisi Nemat Bhar

Jo Har Raza Ko Poora Kar de, Wo Har Neki Se Upar

Ek Raza, Do Raza se Raza Chaar

Jo Bakshe Sunnat Mehule-e-Bahar

You can watch this incredible video below. Meanwhile, Janta Ka Reporter wishes everyone Happy Ramadan.


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