War of words between PM Modi and Capt Amarinder Singh

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday claimed that the Congress did not consider Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh as their own evoking an angry reaction from the latter.

Modi had said that despite being ignored by the party, the Punjab chief minister ‘marches on like an independent soldier.’

Responding to Modi’s statement, Singh denied the charges of any rift between him and his party. Asking the prime minister for his source of information, Singh said, “Who told you that @narendramodi ji? Not me for sure. Did the @INCIndia high command complain to you against me? Anyways, let me make it clear that such frivolous statements won’t help you create a wedge between me and my party, which has full faith in my leadership & vice versa.”

“One really fails to understand what prompted Modi’s ill-conceived and unfounded remark.. I know my business and I know how to run my state and manage my relationship with my party high command, which is more than one can say about the BJP leaders,” the Punjab chief minister added.

Modi had last week told a rally in Puducherry that after Karnataka elections, the Congress will present the Puducherry Chief Minister V Narayanasamy as a specimen. His comments had elicited another angry reactions from the Puducherry CM, who said that the PM had lowered the dignity of his office with his comments.

The Congress had won the assembly polls in February last year by winning 77 out of 117 seats. The party had prominently projected Singh’s face and not that of Rahul Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi on the campaign materials during the assembly polls. This had given rise to speculations that all was not well between Singh and the central leadership of the Congress.


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