Want party to send me to Rajya Sabha, Anna is bigger anti-corruption crusader than Kejriwal: Kumar Vishwas


Aam Aadmi Party founding member and renowned poet Kumar Vishwas has said that he would like his leadership to consider his name for Rajya Sabha, whose election is due for 2018.

Speaking exclusively to ABP News channel’s award-winning programme, Press Conference, Vishwas said, ” I’m not going to be hypocritical here. I do want to go to Rajya Sabha because I think I have a lot to contribute in the discourse in the parliament.”

Kumar’s comments assume significance in the wake of reports that several top AAP leaders were vying for the three Rajya Sabha seats, that will come up for election in two years time.

Vishwas also said that he felt Anna Hazare was a bigger anti-corruption crusader than Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal.

He said, “Anna has spent all his life fighting corruption, while all of us in AAP have been byproducts of his movement. Though, Arvind was the strategist of movement (India Against Corruption.)”

Justifying Kejriwal’s outbursts against Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the CBI raids at the former’s office, Vishwas said that the Delhi chief minister’s reaction was indicative of him his emotions.

“What’s wrong in that. Such quality should be appreciated in politics. But, you also have to understand that Kejriwal is not Lord Vishnu’s incarnation. He too has to learn a lot in politics.”

Vishwas denied that AAP, which pledged to be a political party with a difference, had drifted away from its core ideology by indulging in vote-bank politics.

He said, “Kejriwal went and sat with the families of Mohammad Akhlaq because this was required to establish the communal harmony, which had been damaged as a result of his murder. That’s also the reason why he went and met the families of Rohit Vemula in Hyderabad.

“It’s wrong to say that he didn’t meet the families of Pathankot martyrs… The reason why he went (after weeks) because he couldn’t have done so as troops were engaged in battle with terrorists. As for the Malda violence, I was the first one to tweet condemning the violence.”

Vishwas also justified the Delhi government’s ads spending spree, showcasing its achievements on TV and in newspapers across India.

He said that it was important to shout about the achievement in the government. However, when quizzed about the governments need to spend the Delhi tax payers’ money on placing ads in Nagpur-based newspapers, Vishwas said that was because AAP had now become a national party.

“We are no longer just confined to Delhi. We often become part of the national discourse,” he said.

The full interview with Kumar Vishwas on Press Conference by Dibang will be broadcast on 20 and 21 February at 8 pm

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