Want our youth to be job-creators and not job-seekers: Narendra Modi at Make in India event


Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched an ambitious Make in India campaign week in Mumbai on Saturday.

Addressing the delegates from around the globe, Modi said that he wanted India’s youth to become creators of jobs and not be job-seekers.

Here are the highlights of his speech:

  • My advice to you is invest in India if you want this century to be your century
  • Our young entrepreneurs are showing us newer and faster ways for enterprise and delivery and my Government is committed to support them
  • Don’t wait.Don’t Relax. There are immense opportunities in India
  • Today’s India is a four dimensional India
  • We want manufacturing to be 25% of our GDP
  • There is an all round emphasis on ‘Ease of doing business’
  • We are particularly keen to scale up investments in next generation infra – from roads and railways to digital networks & clean energy
  • India has consistently been ranked as the most attractive investment destination by several global agencies and institutions
  • Soon we shall be putting in place an effective IPR rule
  • I believe in minimum government and maximum governance
  • We want to present to the world the enormous opportunities that India offers for manufacturing, design and R&D
  • We know under the pressure of this campaign the governing machinery will need to make a number of corrections on policy front
  • Want to make India a global manufacturing hub
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