VIDEO- Yeddyurappa, BJP leaders insult national anthem inside Karnataka assembly

BS Yeddyurappa on Saturday failed to secure the majority inside the Karnataka assembly and chose to resign barely two days after he was sworn in as the state’s chief minister. However, before he announced his resignation, Yeddyurappa made a passionate speech highlighting his party’s concern for farmers.

Yeddyurappa concluded his speech with his announcement to resign even before the scheduled floor test could start in the assembly. Soon after he finished his emotional speech, he made his way out of the assembly. Also following him were other BJP legislators.

Neither Yeddyurappa nor his 100 plus MLAs could care to pause and stand in respect for the national anthem that was being played to mark the end of the first session of the fifteenth Assembly. There’s an established tradition to play the national anthem both at the start and the end of the assembly sessions.

What was worse was that the BJP legislators began to raise slogans against the JD(S)-Congress coalition. They simply could not care to show respect for the national anthem. Former Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and other Congress leaders were seen shouting at the BJP leaders to return and stand for the national anthem, but to no avail. Siddaramaiah even taunted the BJP leaders with the nationalist jibe.

BJP legislators, including pro-tem Speaker KG Bopaiah left the Assembly hall hastily. Bopaiah, however, was alerted by the marshals. While BJP legislators left, Bopaiah walked back in the middle of the anthem and stood till the end.

The video of Yeddyurappa and other BJP MLAs leaving the assembly in the midst of the national anthem has now gone viral. Saturday’s episode came just days after an old video of Karnataka governor, Vajubhai Vala, walking in the middle of the national anthem, had gone viral on social media.

The BJP has been notorious for awarding patriotism certificate to citizens with its supporters giving grief to those who refused to stand up while national anthem was being played inside cinema halls.



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