Video: Sourav Ganguly as Pizza Hut delivery boy creates magic for fans


With IPL fever reaching a crescendo, can Pizza Hut be far behind in joining in with the ongoing cricket mania? The legendary pizza chain in the country recently pulled off a coup by collaborating with the ‘Dada of Indian Cricket’ Sourav Ganguly and MTV Roadies’ Rannvijay Singh to create a breathtaking spectacle in the City of Joy.

Hosted at Sourav Ganguly’s cricket academy, Pizza Hut organised a creative event involving more than 100 cricket crazy individuals. The video of the event has gone viral within hours of its launch.

As part of the series ‘Cricket with Rannvijay,’ the actor/TV host is seen batting with the crowd on demand. During the match itself, the crowd is then treated with delicious new pan pizzas, ordered directly from Pizza Hut. As part of the promotion, Rannvijay is also seen ordering pizzas using the ‘m-site.’ Soon, two pizza delivery boys from Pizza Hut arrive with the order.

The fun seems irresistible and the delivery boys too are seen joining in with the goings on and start commentating on the game. As their live commentary gets intense, Rannvijay dares one of the delivery boys to actually start playing, rather than merely commentating.

The cricketing skills of the delivery boy in question leaves everyone spellbound. The delivery boy then takes the display of his cricketing prowess to a new level by even batting using his left hand. Moments later, the delivery boy removes his mask, and lo and behold, it’s none other their very own Sourav Dada.

He greets all, shares pleasantries with crazy fans comprising adults and kids before leaving. As expected, there is no end to his fans’ joy. Pizza Hut successfully creates a moment for them that money can’t buy.

You can watch the exciting video here:

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