This video raises more questions on ‘fake encounter’ claims by Madhya Pradesh police

A video of Madhya Pradesh police shooting what appears to be dead people has gone viral on social media platforms.

In the video, police personnel are seen carefully removing obstacles from a place, where several dead bodies are lying.

One man in uniform then is seen pulling the trigger to kill a seemingly dead individual.

The emergence of this video has cast serious doubts on the claims made by Madhya Pradesh police, which on Monday claimed it had killed eight members of SIMI in an encounter.

The claim had already prompted many to highlight some serious contradictions. Many wondered how the eight undertrials had managed to wear clean civilian clothes including watch and sports shoes minutes after allegedly escaping the jail.

Many also questioned how the undertrials, whose crime was yet to be established by any courts in India, had also succeeded in acquiring weapons to attack the cops, as alleged.

Another dominating theme of the social media conversation was on whether the BJP government of Madhya Pradesh was now busy implementing the infamous Gujarat model, which had seen phenomenal rise in alleged fake encounters during Narendra Modi’s time as chief minister.

You can watch the video below.

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