VIDEO- Extraordinary scenes of hardcore criminals running extortion racket from inside jail in Yogi Adityanath’s Uttar Pradesh


Jails, they say, serve as correction homes for criminals as they are sent there as part of punishment to improve their behaviour while being cut off from the rest of the society. But, in Yogi Adityanath’s Uttar Pradesh, jails appear to be the safest places for hardcore criminals as they run their extortion racket with impunity.

A video going viral on social media platforms shows a group of criminals from a jail in Uttar Pradesh consuming alcohol. The criminals in the video are believed to be lodged in a jail in Raebareli in Uttar Pradesh.

In the video, the leader of the criminals is seen instructing his associates to get more money since the jail authorities needed to be paid, seemingly as part of their deal to enjoy a luxurious life inside the jail.

His associate then calls someone on the phone and intimidates him to pay the money immediately to avoid serious consequences. Even as he speaks on the phone, another associate threatens to kill the man if he did not pay the money.

Astonishingly, the criminal had several rounds of live bullets lying on his bed alongside a bottle of alcohol. Journalist Piyush Rai tweeted, “One of the criminals in the video is a dreaded shooter Anshu Mishra who was arrested by UP STF in 2014. He is named in multiple cases of homicide and was wanted by both UP and Madhya Pradesh police when he was arrested.”

The journalist wrote that this was after the local administration had conducted a routine raid as part of a ticking the box exercise. Rai tweeted, “So formalities have already begun. Raibareli DM and SP conducted a ‘surprise check’ at Raibareli jail after the criminals surprised them. Now, a departmental probe will be ordered. Everything will come back to square one in few days.”

Rai wrote that the shortage of staff was a key reason for such scenes in most UP jails as authorities were forced to reinstate its tainted officials. Former Baghpat Jail Superintendent Uday Pratap Singh was recently suspended for the third time in two years when Don Munna Bajrangi was gunned down in July this year.