Varun Gandhi offers Rs 5 crore for child wing at hospital in UP

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Moved by the Gorakhpur tragedy, BJP Lok Sabha member Varun Gandhi today pledged Rs 5 crore from his MP development fund to build a state-of-the-art paediatric wing in Sultanpur district hospital.

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Over 60 children have reportedly died at state-run BRD Medical College Hospital since August 7, many allegedly for want of oxygen whose supply was disrupted after bills were not paid to the vendor.

“The human tragedy in Gorakhpur has left me jolted.” While grieving the terrible loss of lives of all the children, the incident must “act as an impetus” to take actions that serve as a deterrent to recurrence of such an event, the 37- year-old MP said in a statement.

Gandhi said he spoke this morning to the Chief Medical Superintendent, the Chief Medical Officer and the District Magistrate of Sultanpur in Uttar Pradesh.

“I have pledged an amount of Rs 5 crore from my MPLADS fund, to build a Model Hospital Paediatric Wing with state- of-the-art infrastructure, in the district hospital.

“This will be accompanied by a matching grant of Rs 5 crore more, to be raised personally through donations and collections from Corporate Social Responsibility funding,” the statement said.

The Sultanpur MP hoped that with sufficient additional funds from external donors, the paediatric wing would be functioning full-swing in six months.

“The wing would also include an in-house research centre that would work on matters of child healthcare and prevention of several water/air-borne diseases that could affect these defenceless children,” he said.

The wing would also provide free vaccination for children under the National Vaccine Programme. It would also set up a pharmacy within the hospital premises for providing medicines to children at a lower cost.

“An intensive care unit (ICU) consisting of 100 beds will be established to ensure no child goes untreated. The wing would have 24×7 access to water for drinking and sanitation, electricity and oxygen supply,” Gandhi said, adding, three ambulances would cater specifically to children.

“It is my hope that other MPs who represent a rural constituency, also initiate something similar in their respective areas,” he added.


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