Uttarakhand enforces ban on Maggi


Maggi was banned in Uttarakhand on Thursday as samples of the product failed in laboratory tests.

Principal Secretary Health Om Prakash told a news agency, “A decision to ban the sale of Maggi was taken late last night in public interest by the Food Security Department as 2 of a 300 odd samples of the food product failed laboratory tests.” He further added, “As the matter concerns public health we lost no time in imposing a ban on the popular food product in Uttarakhand. An order pronouncing the ban and seeking immediate withdrawal of the product from market places is being formally issued today,”

It has been reported that no lead content was found in the samples and the ban has been enforced due to high levels of monosodium glutamate (MSG) in the product.

After test results of all the samples collected from different places across the state arrive they will be sent to Kolkata for the final laboratory tests, Prakash reportedly said.

Nestle’s Maggi noodles have already been banned in Delhi and according to media reports, the Future Group, which runs the Big Bazaar retail stores across the nation, also banned its sale after the controversy regarding high levels of MSG and lead in the product surfaced.