Islamophobia? Muslim woman in hijab visits police station in Aligarh for passport verification, Cop Manoj Sharma shoots her in head

In a chilling development, a Muslim woman in hijab was shot in her by a member of the Uttar Pradesh Police after she visited a police station in Aligarh. The woman’s condition condition is said to be very critical. The incident has prompted many to term it a case of Islamophobia, which has seen an alarming rise under BJP’s Yogi Adityanath as the state’s chief minister. The victim has been identified as Ishrat Nigar.
Uttar Pradesh

According to reports, the woman had visited to the police station for to complete the police verification for her passport. Police verification is a mandatory step for an individual to obtain a passport. This process has also become a huge source of corruption as cops never agree to complete the process without making the applicants pay money.

In the viral CCTV video, the woman could be seen waiting inside the police station when cop Manoj Kumar Sharma shoots her in her head. The woman collapses on the floor.

Sardar Ahmad, one of the relatives of the victim told reporters, “She had visited the police station for passport enquiry. She wanted her passport read in time to perform Umrah (a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia). She was receiving calls for money if she wanted application to move ahead. She was getting calls for money. But I don’t know which officer shot her.”

The police issued a clarification saying that Sharma wasn’t responsible for Nigar’s passport verification.

SSP Aligarh Kalanidhi Naithani said that Sharma had been suspended with immediate effect owing to negligence. A criminal case has also been filed against him. But, this didn’t stop netizens from accusing the UP Police of Islamophobia. What also left them incensed was the emrgence of another video in which a relative of the victim, who was a witness to the crime, was being detained by the cops.

One Twitter user wrote sarcastically, “We are on the barrel of a live gun because we know we’re the target. A bullet was fired by mistake, investigation is still underway 🤔. Understand the chronology…” Another commented, “If the shooting wasn’t intentional. Why are they trying to save that cop? Of course, it was intentional, he saw a woman in hijab and he shot at her! The hatred is unimaginable.”