BJP’s social media warriors cause mayhem for food packets at Amit Shah’s meet in Varanasi, throw PM Modi’s Clean India mission out of window


BJP President Amit Shah addressed his party’s crucial ‘Social Media Volunteers Meet of Eastern UP’ in Varanasi with over 4,000 social media warriors of the saffron party attending the event on Wednesday. The event was organised understandably to plan the strategy for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections as Shah asked his workers to ensure BJP’s victory in 2019 elections.

However, the said event is now receiving attention in media for all sorts of wrong reasons, thereby causing considerable embarrassment to the party and Shah. A video of BJP’s social media foot soldiers desperately fighting for food packets and littering the venue has now gone viral.

The video posted by News24 shows desperate members of BJP’s social media army causing ruckus as they fight each other to grab their food packets. Some of the food packets also got mangled as a result of there being many claimants for one packet.

It’s not clear if Shah or Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who too was a guest at the event, were present to see the ugly spectacle. However, the development clearly left the saffron party red-faced, as its leadership swiftly reacted to issue a clarification.

One leader explained, “We had made arrangements to issue one food packet each to every volunteer since they had travelled from faraway places. All 4,000 of them rushed to eat at once and they are not BJP workers but social media volunteers. There were only 20 counters. Doesn’t it happen to us that we try and grab our packet in a function and rush to leave the venue?”

The party’s embarrassment did not end here. After its social media soldiers had finished emptying their food packets, they decided to litter the meeting venue with leftovers and other waste items. The venue in the video, broadcast by News24, looked like a war zone. This came as a direct attempt to mock Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s much-touted Swacch Bharat or Clean India campaign.

Addressing the BJP’s new social media army, Shah on Wednesday had asked them to spread like fire from Jammu and Kashmir to Kanyakumari to ensure the party’s victory in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. “Some were pointing fingers at us but in the last four years not a single instance of corruption could be proved against us…The Uttar Pradesh government had delivered a transparent and corruption free governance,” he was quoted by PTI.

He said that during the last elections the party had expected a winning figure of 65 seats but the people gave a mandate of 73 seats. “Now, in the next year’s elections volunteers must ensure that we add one more seat and win 74 seats,” Shah said.

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