Uttar Pradesh tantrik, who raped woman to cure ‘stomach ache,’ gets 25-year jail sentence


A fast-track court in Uttar Pradesh has sentenced a tantrik 25-year jail term after he was convicted of raping a woman on the pretext of curing her stomach ache.

The additional district judge of the fast track court, Vivekanand Sharan Tripathi, has also imposed a fine of Rs 25,000. In the event of its non-payment, the tantrik, identified as Baba Dwarkadas, would have to undergo further imprisonment of 27 months, reported PTI.

Additional district counsel Praveen Kumar Singh said that Dwarkadas was given 20-year rigorous imprisonment under section 376 (pertaining to rape), one year under section 417 (cheating) and four year rigorous imprisonment under section 506 (intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code or the IPC.

According to reports, the woman from Hatras, who suffered from persistent stomach ache, had travelled to Vrindavan to see Dwarkadas with her husband and a four-year-old daughter. She was told to stay in a room on the second floor by a disciple of Dwarkadas as the treatment will begin at 10 PM.

According to a report by the PTI, at 10 PM, the woman’s husband was given a kindled earthen lamp with the instruction that he would take it downstairs and return only after the lamp was extinguished. With husband away, Dwarkadas molested the woman and raped her despite her protests to ‘eliminate the impact of evil forces.’

Singh said that the woman was raped again in the morning in the name of  ‘Nibu exercise’ when her husband was asleep. The victim was threatened of dire consequences if she informed anyone about her sexual assault. However, soon after the woman reached Hathras with her family, she shared her traumatic experience with her husband. They returned to Vrindavan in July last year to file an FIR against Dwarkadas.

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