UP cop harasses girl after she reaches police station to file complaint, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra shares video


A video of a cop harassing a girl in Uttar Pradesh after she reached the police station in Kanpur has gone viral on social media. The Uttar Pradesh Police have taken note of the matter, but only after the video began to be shared widely. Among those who’ve shared the video of the teen’s harassment by a man in uniform is Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.

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In the video, a girl is seen sharing her ordeal with a man in uniform, identified as head constable Tar Babu. She tells the cop how she was sexually harassed by a group of men, who also thrashed her family members when she went to fetch water in her neighbourhood.

Instead of taking note of her complaint, the cop launches an attack on the victim by questioning why she was wearing bangles and necklace. He says disparagingly, “Why have you put these bangles? Why have you worn these bangles, this locket and other ornaments? I want to know if there are any benefits to wearing them.

“This shows the kind of girl you are.”

The rude cop then shifts his attention to the teen’s parents before chiding them for not controlling their daughter. The mother says that they leave their house to work every day. To which, the cop replies, “Don’t you return home from the work?”

Reacting to the cop’s extraordinary behaviour, Priyanka wrote on Twitter, “This is how a victim of sexual harassment is being treated at the police station. On one hand, the crimes against women don’t appear to come down, on the other hand, this is the behaviour of those meant to protect the law. The first step to delivering justice to women is to listen to them.”

The Rajya Sabha on Wednesday passed the amendments to the existing the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (Amendment) Bill, which now has the provision to award capital punishment for sexual offences against minors.


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