Under attack for its questionable past, RSS allows Congress workers to hoist tricolour at its office


15 years ago, the RSS had sent three activists to jail for attempting to hoist the national flag at its office in Nagpur.

However, already on back-foot due to increasing attack on its questionable past record on nationalism and the tricolour, the RSS on Monday finally did not oppose the Congress workers’ decision to hoist the national flag at its Indore office.

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Congress workers on Monday (21 February) reached at the RSS’ Indore office to forcibly hoist the national flag accusing the Sangh merely doing a “lip service” to the cause of patriotism.

Evcen though the police presence was beefed up by the BJP-led government in the state, the RSS workers present in their office welcomed the Congress leaders, saying national flag was more an emotional matter for them than a matter of doing politics.

According to PTI News, around 800 Congress workers under party’s state unit president Arun Yadav gathered in Rajbada area and marched towards the RSS office.

Police, already having barricaded the road leading to the RSS office, prevented Congress workers from moving ahead.

Later, the administration allowed Yadav and 20 other Congress leaders to visit the RSS office as part of their programme.

Interestingly, RSS men present at the office not only welcomed the Congress leaders but also arranged snacks for them.

Later, Yadav hoisted the tricolour adjacent to RSS’ saffron flag atop the office.

After coming out of the RSS office, Yadav said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his ministerial colleagues and the BJP leaders are talking big about nationalism and patriotism following the JNU issue, but the RSS has so far merely done a lip service in name of patriotism”.

“We have hoisted the national flag at RSS office and hope the tricolour will be hoisted here on a regular basis like the saffron flag,” Yadav added.

RSS in-charge of region Dinesh Jain said tricolour was an emotional issue for them.

“Across the country, RSS activists take part in national festivals and in flag hoisting functions in their respective colonies, areas and places of work,” he said in a statement.

(Photo: Indian Express)



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