UN body trolled for inviting rapist Gurmeet and his alleged sex partner for talk


A United Nations body on Wednesday faced intense trolling on social media platforms after it invited the rapist Gurmeet Singh and his alleged sex partner, Honeypreet Singh, for a talk on World Toilet Day.

In its tweet, now deleted, the UN Water wrote, “Dear @insan_honey, we hope you & @Gurmeetramrahim will lend your voice and support #WorldToiletDay.”

In its earlier tweet, the UN Water had written, “Dear @Gurmeetramrahim, can we count on your support to celebrate toilets on November 19 – #WorldToiletDay?”

It’s not clear whether the UN body was unaware of the rapist baba’s new fate or its account was hacked. The tweets by UN Water were posted a day after Honeypreet was arrested by Haryana Police. She was produced before a Punchkula court on Wednesday.

Gurmeet was setenced to 20 years in jail for raping two women, both his followers, at his sprawling Dera, spread over 600 acres of land.

As expected, social media users had a field day at the expense of UN Water, soon after it posted the tweets inviting the disgraced Gurmeet and his alleged sex partner, who he claimed has been his adopted daughter.

BJP leaders have always been close to Gurmeet, has been asking his 1.5 crore followers to vote for the saffron party. In 2014, after winning the assembly elections, the BJP had paraded all its newly elected MLAs before the rapist baba to seek his blessings.

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