Uday Chopra is new rage among India’s liberals, mostly women


Actor Uday Chopra was an unlikely stakeholder in the political crisis that arose following the controversial invitation by Karnataka Governor Vajubhai Vala to BS Yeddyurappa. Uday caused quite a stir on social media on Tuesday with his tweets that abundantly established his political acumen.

Uday had tweeted, “I just googled the governor of Karnataka https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vajubhai_Vala … BJP guy and RSS hmmm I guess we all know what’s gonna happen. (sic)”

Uday’s tweet sent the supporters of BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi into a frenzy as they began to incessantly troll him. However, far from being fazed by the Twitter trolling, Uday kept coming up with even more intelligent replies, amply indicating that he was no novice in understanding the nuances of Indian politics.

For example, while responding to criticism from a user, who said that ‘As per the Indian Law the party which gets maximum seats is invited first to claim for making government (sic),’ Uday wrote, “That’s not what happened in Goa and Manipur. I watch the news just like you.” Uday was highlighting how despite emerging as a party with fewer seats, the BJP had gone on to form governments in Manipur and Goa with the help of friendly governors.

Another user wrote that ‘a looser should keep mouth shut when he has no knowledge about anything except his baap ka paissa. (sic)” To which, the actor exhibited another instance of utter wit when he wrote, “Not really. In a democracy a loser is allowed to have opinions too.”

Uday has often been trolled by his detractors for his failure as an actor in the Hindi film industry despite having the legendary Yashraj Films banner behind him. However, Tuesday’s tweets by Uday appear to have won him new fans in abundance. One user Subia Siddiqui wrote, “I never thought i would write this for him.. but looks like i am in love!!!.” Shahnaz Shafi agreed, “Lol ! I can say I will join you in this love.” Vandan Kumar wrote, “Would love to see more of ‘this’ Uday.” Amit Behere concluded, “Uday Chopra’s career success/failure and his being a decent, informed citizen has literally NOTHING to do with one another. Won’t link the two please. Success/failure has absolutely no correlation with the true worth of a human being.”

Ashish Khetan on Facebook wrote, ” Respect !! Uday Chopra. Not easy to flow against the tide. Those who do need to be acknowledged.” On Twitter, Meghnad wrote, “Never thought I would say this but, in the end, Uday Chopra was right.” Another Twitter user India Explained wrote, “Uday Chopra has taken some hard professional knocks but comes across amiable and resilient on Twitter. Sr Bachchan, in contrast, has enjoyed every privilege life has to offer but cries constantly about people ignoring his birthday wishes, Twitter ignoring his fan following etc.”

Since posting his tweets on Karnataka politics, Uday has only tweeted about ‘Shwarma and the new food idea’. Wonder if his new popularity among the liberals will prompt Uday to consider making a comeback to Bollywood.