Two horrific incidents of brutalities, one in West Bengal and another Uttar Pradesh


An alleged thief on Sunday was tied to a pole and was mercilessly beaten by a group of local residents in West Bengal’s Asansol district.

As reported by news afency ANI, a horde of unruly people mercilessly thrashing a man allegedly caught for theft was captured on camera.

The video (see below) has now gone viral with more than 1500 people on

In the footage, the man is seen tied with a pole and the people are taking turns to beat him up. The man is continuously being heard pleading for mercy.

Alleged thief tied to a pole and thrashed by locals in Asansol (West Bengal)

Posted by Janta Ka Reporter on Sunday, 20 March 2016

In a separate incident on 15 March in Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh, a man was publicly thrashed by a group of goons, who were supporters of losing candidate in panchayat election, for voting against him.

The victim claimed that the accused, who lost the polls, beat him black and blue as he refused to vote for him in the elections, which took place two months back.

Accused Chatrapal Singh is the younger brother of local goon Chob Singh.

According to the victim, he had worked for Chatrapal, but had not been paid; so, when the accused asked him to vote in his favour, he denied. And, when the accused came face to face with the victim on March 15 he beat in a feat of anger, the victim alleged.

The video of the thugs beating

Man beaten up by supporters of losing candidate in panchayat election for voting against him in Aligarh in 15 March.

Posted by Janta Ka Reporter on Sunday, 20 March 2016

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