BREAKING: NIA officer Tanzil Ahmad’s killers arrested, main accused absconding


Uttar Pradesh has arrested two people in connected with the murder of the NIA officer, Tanzil Ahmad.

According to ANI news agency, the main accused Munir was assisted by two other namely Reyan and Junaid.

Police have arrested both Junaid and Reyhan. Both of them have confessed to being part of the murder.

Reyan said that Munir knew the real motive but his (the NIA officer’s) behaviour ‘towards us wasn’t nice.’

Junaid said, “I had no enmity towards Tanzil Ahmad, abetted Munir out of friendship.”

According to NDTV, the police said that the man driving the bike was Reyan.

“During interrogation, it was revealed that Reyan had sought help from Tanzil in a case. But he was frustrated as the officer denied help,” said Vijay Meena, Inspector General, Bareilly.

“All aspects, including professional, personal rivalry, were looked into during the probe. Terror angle was specifically investigated. Reyaan (accused) was in frustration because he was denied help from Tanzil Ahmed when he needed it,” Meena was quoted by ANI.

“During interrogation, it has been revealed that one of accused Reyaan sought help from Tanzil ji in a case. Some of the statements given by Reyaan (accused) and his father have been verified by circumstantial evidence, some is yet to be verified. Reyaan grew resentful towards NIA officer Tanzeel Ahmed as he didn’t get the help he had sought,” he added.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Tanzil Ahmad was shot dead on 3 April as he was returning after attending a wedding in Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh.

The officer’s wife, who too was critically injured by unidentified gunmen, has been rushed to a Noida hospital.

(Photos- ANI)

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