Twin-brothers were kidnapped in car carrying BJP flag, brother of Bajrang Dal leader among those arrested

Police in Madhya Pradesh have made a stunning revelation in the gruesome murder of twin-brothers, whose bodies were found from the banks of river Yamuna in Chitrakoot. The news of the murder of two six-year-old twins, Priyansh and Devansh, had sent shockwaves across India. According to police, the kidnapper had abducted the two children in a Bolero car that carried a BJP flag.


According to police, they’ve arrested six people including an elder brother of local Bajrang Dal leader. Those arrested are Raju Dwiwedi, Lucky Tomar, Rohit Dwiwedi, Ramkesh Yadav, Pintu Ramswaroop Yadav and Padma Shukla. Shulka’s younger brother Vishnukant alias Chhotu is a regional convener of the Bajrang Dal, reported Indian Express quoting local police.

Speaking to reporters, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath had said that he had spoken to children’s father and assured him that justice will done. He had said, “It’s very sad. I have spoken to the children’s father and assured him that justice will be done after a full investigation carried out. We will also expose the politics behind this.”

Priyansh and Devansh, were abducted from their school bus by an armed gang on 12 February from the Madhya Pradesh side of Chitrakoot.

The businessman father of the two children had paid a ransom of Rs 20 lakh but the kidnappers raised their demand to Rs 1 crore. The kidnappers, according to some reports, tied the hands and legs of the twins before throwing them into the river.

Angry residents of Chitrakoot had resorted to violent protests as they set some shops on fire.

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