Truth of Kejriwal’s photo with Tytler: The BJP ‘cropped photo to tell half-truth’

Amidst raging criticism for the BJP for relying on doctored video to build a case of sedition against the JNU students and their leader Kanhaiya Kumar, the saffron party is likely to face more embarrassment on a different issue.

The emergence of new photos appear to suggest that the party had indulged in half truth and photo cropping to carry out a campaign against Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal in Punjab.

Last month, a photo of Kejriwal shking hands with the 1984 riots accused Jagdish Tytler had gone viral.

The BJP’s Delhi unit chief Satish Upaddhyay had taken to twitter to announce that the Delhi chief minister had ‘given clean chit’ to Tytler.

His tweet had said, (screenshot below), ” Kal raat ek samaroh mein Kejriwal ne bharashtachaar aaropi mantri Imraan aur 1984 sikh dango ke doshi Tytler ko clean chit se nawaazaa. (Last night, in a function, Kejriwal rewarded the corrupt minister Imran and 1984  Sikh riots accused Tytler with clean chit.)”

This caused considerable backlash as the Sikh groups in Delhi to accuse Kejriwal of having a tacit understanding with Tytler.

Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee spokesperson Parminderpal Singh had said that this was indicative of both leaders helping each other to achieve their ‘political goals.’

However, the photographs accessed by, prove that the BJP and the DSGMC had launched tirade against Kejriwal based on a crop photo, although it’s not clear who doctored the photo.

Kejriwal was at an Eid Mulad-un-Nabi function organised by Muslim Samaj in Delhi on 25 December. The event, according to the organisers had several guests from different political parties and professional backgrounds.

Senior AAP leader and in-charge of Punjab affairs, Sanjay Singh said that the people Punjab knew the ‘truth’ and will ‘reply at appropriate opportunity.’

He told, “Other day Modi met Mulayam Singh Yadav and Lalu Yadav. So by the same logic, was there a deal between them? Let BJP do politics on 1984 riots, but the question here is about intention. They must explain to people what they did in 32 years for the victims of 84 riots.

“No one can question Arvind Kejriwal’s neeyat (intention). Kejriwal announced Rs 5 lakh each as compensation money to every riot victims’ families. Arvind Kejriwal then formed an SIT in his 49-days government. BJP is trying to brush the CBI report under the carpet despite court asking for it. These people have only done politics in the name of 84 riots, we’ve acted on this matter.”


7 thoughts on “Truth of Kejriwal’s photo with Tytler: The BJP ‘cropped photo to tell half-truth’”

  1. Kya bakwas article hai. Does aap always think of blaming and pushing blame to others. I am sad I elected this party. Always blaming, complaining, crying without any confidence. The only thing they seem confident about is that they somehow want to tarnish Modi. Arey doosre ki chhodo pehle apna ghar saaf karo bhai.

    • abey, blame started by BJP Satish Upadhyay . He tweeted. just like RamMadhav. now complete TRUTH is out instead of half Truth. Whose complaining ??? deaf, blind, dumb ????

    • bhaktoh ka standard training hain,
      i am saddend that i voted for AAP now i have realized it.
      I am ex-member of AAP i have realized its anarchy and no more like its ideals.
      i am phalana dikana crap…
      Kuch naye jumle nikalo bhai…


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