Trump, Xi establish US-China Comprehensive Dialogue


President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping have established the US-China Comprehensive Dialogue and agreed to expand areas of cooperation while managing differences based on mutual respect, the White House said today.

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“The two presidents agreed to elevate existing bilateral talks to reflect the importance of making progress on issues,” White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said at the conclusion of the Trump-Xi meeting at Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

Trump and Xi also established a new and cabinet-level framework for negotiations, Spicer said.

The United States-China Comprehensive Dialogue will be overseen by the two presidents and have four pillars: Diplomatic and Security Dialogue; Comprehensive Economic Dialogue; Law Enforcement and Cybersecurity Dialogue; and Social and Cultural Issues Dialogue.

“The two sides agreed to undertake an ambitious agenda and meeting schedule to show progress and demonstrate meaningful results,” he said.

They had several rounds of meetings over the last two days.

“This visit was a great opportunity for both presidents and their wives to get to know one another, enjoy meals together, and work on important issues. Each side also brought a senior delegation that was also able to build relationships for the work ahead,” Spicer said.

Noting that the two leaders had positive and productive meetings, Spicer said Trump and Xi agreed to work in concert to expand areas of cooperation while managing differences based on mutual respect.

They reviewed the state of the bilateral relationship and noted the importance of working together to generate positive outcomes that would benefit the citizens of both the countries.

During the meeting, Trump highlighted the challenges caused by the Chinese government’s intervention in its economy and raised serious concerns about the impact of China’s industrial, agricultural, technology, and cyber policies on American jobs and exports.

Spicer said Trump underscored the need for China to take concrete steps to level the playing field for American workers, stressing repeatedly the need for reciprocal market access.

“The two sides noted the urgency of the threat of North Korea’s weapons programmes, reaffirmed their commitment to a denuclearised Korean peninsula and committed to fully implement UN Security Council resolutions,” Spicer said.

Trump and Xi agreed to increase cooperation and work with the international community to convince North Korea to peacefully resolve the issue and dismantle its illegal nuclear and missile programmes, he said, adding that the two sides had a candid discussion on regional and maritime security.

“President Trump noted the importance of adhering to international rules and norms in the East and South China Seas and to previous statements on non-militarisation. He also noted the importance of protecting human rights and other values deeply held by Americans,” Spicer said.