BJP’s growth in Tripura due to ‘our weakness’: CPI-M


The ruling CPI-M in Tripura has said the BJP managed to increase its vote in the recent bypolls in the state taking advantage of “our organisational weakness and by luring people with false assurances.”

Photo: The Indian Express

“The results of the recent two by-elections held for two Assembly seats and by-polls in panchayat seats show that the BJP managed to increase their votes,” Party Secretary Bijan Dhar told reporters Friday night.

“All these things happened due to our organisational weakness and due to their alluring people by giving false assurances,” he said.

“Taking advantage of being in power at the Centre they also misused money to woo voters,” Dhar said.

He alleged that RSS, Bajrang Dal and BJP have brought their activists from outside the state for trying to build up a political base for the party.

“Those activists are indulging in false campaign against the Left Front government and organising demonstrations in front of the residences of ministers, government offices and roads by raising false issues,” Dhar said.

“We have asked the administration and common people to remain alert about the activities of the BJP activists,” he said.

He said the opposition Congress has become “very weak” due to split in their party and the breakaway faction who formed Trinamool Congress in the state also could not be certain about their political future in the state.

The Left Front has been in power for the last 23 years in Tripura.

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