Tripura CM Biplab Deb earns social media ridicule for saying ‘swimming ducks raise oxygen level in water’


Ever since Biplab Deb has become the new chief minister of Tripura, his foot-in-mouth syndrome has become a great source of entertainment for for social media users.

(Sushil Kumar/HT File Photo)

Since becoming Tripura’s chief minister, he has done little in delivering his party’s poll promises on governance. Most of the time, the young BJP leader has hogged media coverage for his ridiculous statements.

First he courted controversy by making extraordinarily insane comments that internet and satellite existed even during the Mahabharat period, which is a legendary narrative of the Kurukṣetra War, believed to have been fought somewhere in 8th and 9th century BC. Biplab, which in Bengali means revolution, became an object of ridicule even by his own educated supporters.

However, unfazed by public ridicule over his internet in Mahabharat remarks, he then found himself embroiled in yet another controversy by his equally crazy statement on Miss World Diana Hayden, who won the coveted beauty title in 1997. Questioning the rationale behind crowning Diana as the Miss World, Deb said that she wasn’t the face of Indian beauty, but Aishwarya Rai was.

This statement by Deb had come after he famously asked unemployed youth in his state to stop chasing politicians for jobs and instead open paan shops for survival.

Now Deb is facing condemnation after he took his ridiculous logic to a new height by stating that ducks recycled water when they swam and raised the oxygen level in water bodies. He said, “This rise in oxygen, in turn, makes the fish population increase.”

As expected, his statement earned him public ridicule from experts and social media users alike.  “It may be possible to increase oxygen levels in water through machines, but claiming that ducks can enhance the fish population is unscientific,” Jyoti Prakash Roy Choudhury, a retired zoology professor was quoted by Hindustan Times.

On Twitter, user Dhruv Rathee wrote, “Biplab Deb is Back! Scientists across the world are feeling jealous of this man! His new discoveries might make them jobless.”

Academic Ashok Swain wrote, “Biplab Deb is back with his duck science – bigot gang is full of buffoons.”

Another user, PM Borah, wrote, “Love you, Mr. CM. Without you, life becomes hell.”

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