Tripura governor, Tathagata Roy: ‘Whatever gave you the notion I am secular? I am a Hindu’


Controversial Tripura Governor Tathagata Roy kicked off yet another controversy on Monday after one of his tweets posted in response to another user said, “Whatever gave you the notion I am secular? I am a Hindu. My state, India, however is secular since 1976.”

Roy had tweeted in response to a Dubai-based user known as Arun Nambir, who asked, ” So, Bangladeshis are giving Tathagata a lesson in being Secular. Will he delete his pro-Muslim killing tweets now?”

The reference to 1976 in the BJP leader-Governor’s tweet was to the 42nd amendment of 1976 that saw the inclusion of word ‘secular’ and ‘socialist’ in the preamble of Indian constitution.

The ruling CPM’s general secretary in Tripura, Bijan Dhar said, “This is a BJP-RSS man. He is very much proud of that. And to the BJP-RSS, secularism is Hinduism…It is not proper to express such things in public, but it is Roy’s personal opinion. He is dishonouring the Constitution but at the same time he is honouring the BJP-RSS’s communal politics.”

The Congress spokesperson Dr Ashok Sinha said, “It is not right for a Constitutional functionary to speak against the Constitution. The Governor’s duty is to protect the Constitution. He is not expected to speak like this. It is unacceptable.”

In his subsequent tweets, though Roy tried to control the damage done by what many would say unfortunate tweet, he took another dig at Muslim countries.

He said, ” Secular means not concerned with religion. Our Constitution, unlike Pakistan or Suadi Arabia, is secular. Citizens are Hindu, Muslim, Xtian(Christians) etc.”

Roy’s ill-fated tweets while holding an important constitutional post will create huge controversy and may also reinstate the fear that the current central government least of regards for the secular fabric of India enshrined in the Indian constitution.