Times Now’s ‘first interview’ with Prime Minister becomes controversial even before its broadcast


Times Now and journalists working for the Times Group on Monday began to fervently tweet about their latest editorial offering, an exclusive interview with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The editorial in question is no doubt a scoop, but it’s the subsequent claims by the employees of Times Group that prompted many to issue corrections on social media.

The Time Now billed the interview as Modi’s first ever interview to any media house since becoming the prime minister in 2014. However, it took few eagle-eyed social media users to point out the inaccuracy in the much-publicised claims.


Newslaundry website wrote sarcastically, “Big scoop for Times Now Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami. He’s got an interview with PM Modi just today, becoming the first Indian TV journo to get an interview with Modi after 2014. Hindustan Times Editor-in-Chief Sanjoy Narayan and Shishir Gupta had got an interview in April 2015. Following which Dainik Jagran also got an interview in May 2015.”

Similar sentiments were expressed on social media too prompting a Times of India journalist, Bharti Jain, to issue a clarification.

The interview is expected to be broadcast at 6 PM on Monday. Many have already begun indulging in guessing game on whether the channel’s editor-in-chief, Arnab Goswami, will be as jugular against Modi as he was during his interview with the Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi or he usually is against other interviewees except allegedly Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

Some wondered if Arnab will once again have a dedicated Newshour debate after the interview as he had done so after his famous interview with Rahul Gandhi.

We will know answers to all these speculations shortly.

Here are some reactions on social media, where some users are clearly having fun at the cost of channel rivalry in Indian media.


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