Times Now app’s rating takes beating as users begin to uninstall to protest alleged biased coverage on Zakir Naik


Angry over the perceived negative campaign against Islamic scholar, Dr Zakir Naik, his supporters have begun unistalling the mobile application of India’s English news channel, Times Now.

Social media platforms including WhatsApp have been inundated with messages urging people to uninstall Times Now’s mobile application.

The angry users have also begun downgrading the app’s rating with many giving just one star.

On 12 July, according to website The Cognate, the channel enjoyed a rating of 4.2 on app store. However, as the channel intensified its campaign against Zakir Naik, more and more users took began to downgrade its rating.

However, on 17 July, the Times Now App’s rating stood at 2.9.

www.jantakareporter.com made several attempts to seek reaction from the Times Now’s editor-in-chief, Arnab Goswami, but he was unavailable for comments. We will carry the channel’s reaction as and when we receive them.

Meanwhile, the comments left by users on the app are scathing and reflective of their against the channel, which they allege has been running a biased campaign against Naik.

Here are some of the comments left by the users.

Hafeez Aman: A channel for Drama A channel for Drama, nonsense debate, vulgar language and illiterate arnab

Ashfaque Ahmad: Hate mongering n full of lies Without proof, n listening accused, forcing own views n judgments on others

Faizan Ahmad: Useless crap Worst news app. It’s a drama now channel

Asheer Ahmad: This guy Arnab thinks that he is not a reporter , he act himself as if he is PM, bro why not you appoint yourself as chamcha

Md Khalid: Worst news channel, ban this channel

Safeera Jafri: Goswamy do ur job say the news, don’t create it, give ur opinion ur a journalist don’t give verdict, ur not a Judge, U and ur channel is disturbing the atmosphere of Peace

Syed Fawaz: Ban this channel. I wish I could give a zero rating for this. One of worst news channel in India. Worst reporters , journalist especially Arnab Goswamy a hate mongers, reports false allegations on innocents. He is the worst journalist ever, stop watching to stop yourself from falsehood.

(Grammatical errors in users’ comments are regretted. That’s because we’ve not edited their comments.)