This is a visible and pro-active Government: Amit Shah


BJP President Amit Shah addressed the public in a conference at the Delhi Headquarters on the occasion of the one year anniversary of the NDA Government and stated that for the first time after independence, a non-Congress party was given full majority.

Stressing on the previous government’s continued absenteeism, Shah said, “This is a visible and pro-active Government.” He further spoke about how the Modi-led government has been away from corruption and claimed, “I’m glad to inform you that even opposition could not impose any allegation of corruption on this Government in the past one year.”

“By just transparent auction of 20 coal mines, more than Rs 2 lakh crore has been added to nation’s treasury,” he added.

Highlighting PM Modi’s bilateral visits and the benefits it reaps for the nation, Shah said, “The World is acknowledging India’s development and progress today.” Talking about the nation’s progress across the world, he added, “Today we are WTO member and our demand has also been accepted, we can provide minimum support price to farmers.”

Shah also commented on the Delhi Government LG row by stating that it is not a conflict, but an issue of interpretation of The Constitution of India.

During the rally, Shah also answered various questions about the government’s policies and BJP’s core issues and also assured the public by saying that this government is here to stay.

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