Terrorists in uniform: Twitter explodes in anger after CCTV footage reveals Delhi Police’s brutality in Jamia


Twitter users have exploded in anger after a CCTV footage revealed how Delhi Police personnel had caused large-scale mayhem by launching a brutal attack on Jamia students busy studying inside the Old Reading Hall of their university on the night of 15 December. No sooner did the video surface on Twitter, the Delhi Police began to face widespread condemnation with many likening them to terrorists masquerading as cops.

In the viral video, armed cops from the Delhi Police can be seen mercilessly thrashing peaceful students with long sticks while seemingly directing them to leave the premises. One student tries to hide under the table as police personnel enter the hall.

The Delhi Police had faced condemnation for its brutality against the Jamia students, who were protesting against the discriminatory Citizenship (Amendment) Act in the national capital on 15 December.


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