Bureaucrat Smita Sabharwal sends notice to Outlook magazine for ‘eye candy’ jibe


The bureaucrat from Telangana, who has sued the Outlook magazine for casting aspersion at her profession and her sexist portrayal justifies her decision to take on a leading English magazine head on.

Smita Sabharwal, a secretary in Telangana’s CM office, has asked the magazine to publish apology with as much prominence as they had originally carried the controversial piece.

Sabharwal told NDTV, “It is a matter of professional pride. I have spent 14 long years in service. The write up hurt very badly. It made me think if they can do this to a bureaucrat, who is doing a serious job, possibly women across will be subjected to this sort of yellow journalism… and we must step up and put an end to it.”

Outlook, in its recent edition,  had described Sabharwal as ‘eye candy’ while carrying a separate cartoon which showed bureaucrat walking a fashion ramp with the Chief Minister photographing her and other politicians leering.

Sabharwal said that it was her birthday and she had gone to fashion show as a guest  with her husband.

She added, “I have worked as a figure of authority in districts and have never been treated like this. I was really touched to see for every one pervert, there are lakhs of people out there who have a sense of how to view a woman.”

Outlook magazine since then has taken down the caricature on the fashion show but this continue to remain in the pages of the magazines.


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