Tamil Nadu police catches its own Vijay Mallya, thrashes him for defaulting on tractor loan


India may be debating over how the liquor baron Vijay Mallya was allowed to flee the country as the noose tightened around him for defaulting over Rs 7,000 crore loans.

The war of words continued even on Thursday as the political parties traded allegations.

However, an ‘efficient’ Tamil Nadu police presented a ‘remarkable’ example of just how the defaulters can be nabbed and treated.

Aware that one Vijay Mallya had fled, Tamil Nadu police was in no mood to let its own ‘Vijay Mallya’ flee the country.

After all, who could have ruled out the possibility of the farmer swimming his way to Sri Lanka.

The Tamil farmer was clearly a huge threat after he defaulted on the loan installment for his tractor.

The police arrived, caught him and mercilessly thrashed him.

In the end, it was a job well done, wasn’t it?

Not really. Truth be told, it was a shameful act by the police, particularly in light of how we allowed Mallya to escape.

Forget Vijay Mallya! Tamil Nadu police has finally caught its own Vijay Mallya, who defaulted on his installment for tractor loan. The ‘criminal’ is caught and thrashed. Well done Tamil Nadu police. Real efficiency!

Posted by Janta Ka Reporter on Thursday, 10 March 2016

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