Yogi’s Women & Child Welfare Minister Swati Singh inaugurates Beer Bar


Yogi Adityanath government has found itself embroiled amidst countless controversies since the Gorakhpur MP took oath of office in the state in March.

The firebrand Hindutva leader courted controversy for his decision on moral policing and shutting down of slaughterhouses. All his early decisions were deemed appropriate as they were in line with the teachings of the RSS, the BJP’s ideological mentor organisation.

However, a cabinet minister from Yogi government on Monday caused one more episode of embarrassment when she inaugurated a beer bar inn in Lucknow’s Gomti Nagar.

The invitation card described Singh as the chief guest while her husband, also the state vice president of the BJP, was a special guest.

Swati was seen posing for photos with the hosts including flashing a book on beer bar.

Swati, who is also the head of the BJP women’s wing, had won the Assembly poll from Sarojini Nagar seat of Lucknow in this year’s elections.

Swati had chosen to contest the poll after the BJP suspended her husband from the party for calling the BSP supremo Mayawati, a prostitute and person worse than rickshaw puller.

Dayashankar was, however, welcomed back in the BJP after his wife’s thumping win.

However, the latest act involving the women and child development minister is bound to expose the party’s glaring double standard and gap in what the leadership preaches and how their ministers practice the so-called moral values.


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