New controversy after Subramanian Swamy calls Shashi Tharoor male prostitute


Just when Indians were profusely discussing the rapidly deteriorating standard of public conduct of the US president, Donald Trump, an Indian member of parliament belonging to the ruling BJP has left social media users equally aghast with his choice of words for a fellow MP from an opposition party.

The BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP, Subramanian Swamy on Saturday posted a tweet explaining the definition of the GST, which was launched on the same day.

However, his tweet on GST wasn’t even remotely connected to the Indian finance or the tax system. Neither was he making any attempts to simplify the newly launched complicated taxation regime for his audience.

Instead his tweet said, “GST= Gigolo Shashi Tharoor”

We know Swamy doesn’t like Tharoor and has been demanding probe into the Congress’s MP’s alleged role into the death of his wife, Sunanda Pushkar.

In fact, on Saturday, Swamy announced that he will be moving the Supreme Court with a PIL seeking a CBI-SIT probe in Sunanda Pushkar’s death.

His dislike for his political opponent aside, a veteran parliament of Swamy’s stature calling a fellow member of parliament a prostitute from social media platform has raised plenty of eyebrows on his conduct as a lawmaker.

Faced with public criticism, Swamy posted another tweet explaining the rationale behind his abuse for Tharoor.

He wrote, “Gigolo is an Italian word. Nothing in Congi dispensation can be higher.”

Swamy calling Tharoor a male prostitute is reminiscent of another personal jibe that the former’s leader, now the prime minister, Narendra Modi had used for the Congress MP’s deceased wife.

Modi, in a political rally, had termed Pushkar as ‘Rs 50 crore girlfriend.’


  1. I cannot find where Swamy called Tharoor a male prostitute, as this media says in its headlines. Did this media meant to say Tharoor prostitutes his political ideals? I believe Tharoor is a straight guy.

  2. Swammy is irresponsible and laughable when he makes stupid comments about Shashi Tharoor. Shashi is a brilliant man and can run circles around Swammy but he is humble enough to let it slide.
    It is unfortunate when two brilliant politicians logger heads and not been able to sit down and talk. It is the basic problem in Indian politics.


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