Supreme Court orders Tamil Nadu government to pay Rs 1.8 crore compensation to a teenager


It took the family 18 years of constant legal battle, but in the end the Chennai family ensured that the government of Tamil Nadu was made to pay for the neglect one of its hospitals had caused to their daughter..

Their perseverance paid off with the Supreme Court ordering the Tamil Nadu government to pay a whopping Rs 1.8 crore compensation for the medical negligence, which had caused a permanent loss of vision for a girl, who’s now 18 years old.

This is believed to be the largest ever compensation awarded by the court in India.

The girl in question was born prematurely at a government hospital in TN, but she was discharged without a retinopathy test, mandatory for every premature birth.

By the time the family came to know about this serious lapse, the girl had already lost her vision permanently.

The family approached the consumer forum, which ruled in their favour awarding them Rs 5 lakh as compensation. Unhappy with the compensation amount, the family moved Supreme Court.

TN government too challenged the ruling of the consumer court.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected the TN government’s appeal and ordered it to pay Rs 1.8 crore to the family for the medical neglect caused 18 years ago.

This judgement will have far reaching effect as this sets a precedence for the aggrieved parties to drag the guilty hospitals or governments to court for sizeable compensation for the similar neglect in future.