Fight with Sunil Grover affects Kapil Sharma worse than expected


It seems his fight with Sunil Grover has cost comedian Kapil Sharma more than he would have ever imagined.

We reported last week how the Grover had walked out of the show following an in-flight fight while returning from Australia.

Now reports are emerging that Sharma is on the verge of losing his show altogether as Sony is having a second thought on renewing contract with the comedian-turned-actor.

Sharma, whose contract with Sony ended in April, was reportedly in talks with the channel to renew the deal worth Rs 107 crore.

However, as reported by DNA, as his feud with Grover intensified, Sony is ‘unlikely’ to renew the contract now.

“Their contract ends in April and Kapil was being paid Rs 107 crore for a renewal. Now, that seems unlikely,” the source told DNA.

This came after it was reported that Grover and Colors were in talks to launch a new show involving other casts of Sharma’s show.

After Sunil Grover quit Kapil Sharma Show, the popular comedian has been facing even bigger revolt with other key actors too coming in support of the former.

According to reports Chandan Prabhakar, who plays the character of the tea seller and Ali Asghar, the popular character of naani  too have boycotted the show in solidarity of Grover.

A nervous Sharma had then desperately tried to reach out to Grover, but the latter reportedly refused asking for considerable hike in his pay.

Grover had indicated to Janta Ka Reporter on Tuesday that he had quit the show without judging the merits of his decision as things had become ‘unbearable.’

In his heart-wrenching letter to Kapil Sharma, the host of Sony TV’s Kapil Sharma Show Grover asked him to refrain from using foul language ‘in front of women’ making it amply clear that he wouldn’t be a part of his show in future.

This after reports had emerged that a drunk Sharma had beaten up and abused Grover during a flight back from Australia.

While returning from Australia, Sharma, had alleged assaulted Grover and boasted how he had made them stars. To Grover in particular, he had alleged taunted him for leaving the show in the past only to then return later.

Grover, popular for his roles as Gutthi and now Dr Mashoor Gulati, received plenty of support from social media users, many of whom felt that that success had spoiled Sharma.